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What Is Your Gift?


What is your Gift?

My Beautiful Sister … Jesus really does know every single, minute detail of your life.  He knows fully all your aspirations, your goals, your dreams, your motives, your plots and your schemes.  When it comes to you, His Beloved, nothing is ever foreign to Him.  There is absolutely nothing about you that can catch Him by surprise.  And there is not one … no … NOT ONE … of your thoughts that ever escapes Him.  Even your darkness is illuminated by the never-ceasing light of His Holy Presence.

He knows all.

He sees all.

He hears all … spoken or unspoken.

There is nothing you can say, or not say … do or not do … that will make Him change His Mind about Beautiful, Wonderful YOU.  He believes in you.  He so, so, so believes in you.  And He wants you to know that He’s not mad at you.  He’s mad about you!

And HIS GIFT to YOU … is the SURPASSING PEACE He’s freely given you, and the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that He will never, ever withhold from you.  He’s totally on your side.  And if God be for you, who or what can stand a chance against you?  Again, I say, JESUS IS ON YOUR SIDE!

So go in peace.

Stay in love.

Live your whole life.

This is your gift to Him, the Lover of your precious Soul!


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Divinely Framed, Woman of God – Poetic Prophecy



  Divinely Framed, Woman of God

Poetic Prophecy – Rev. Ora Stearns Smith


Your life is not a coincidence!
You are elected
and selected!

You are not a second-class citizen
just because
you are a woman!

God made you, and He made you
a Woman on purpose
with purpose!

You did not receive a lesser God
when you received
the Lord Jesus Christ!

You received the same
Eternal, Immortal,
Invisible, All Wise God!

Rejoice, Divinely Framed
Woman of God!

You are infused
with power
from on High

And you will absolutely
defeat and destroy
every “haman”
you encounter!

Precious, Precious, Woman of God
Do you know who you are?

You have risen to royal dignity
and you must know who you are!

Oh, oh, Woman of God
Know, know, Woman of God
that you are Someone
to be reckoned with!

You are not from the seed of man,
You are from The Seed of Omnipotence!

The Spirit of the Lord has made you,
and the Breath of the Almighty gives you life!

You Are Amazingly Amazing
And Incredibly Incredible!

Oh, Oh … Divinely Framed
Woman of God

Know, know … Divinely Framed
Woman of God
who you really are!

You are Relevant
and Significant

Beautiful and

Chosen and

Powerful and

You are God’s Woman!
His Divinely Framed
Woman of God!

You must know
who you truly are!

You must know
you’re not insignificant

You must know
you’re not happenstance

You are God’s idea!

Oh, Oh … Divinely Framed Woman of God

Know, know … Divinely Framed Woman of God
who you really are!

You are BIG in God’s Eyes
And FOREVER intertwined in His Heart

Know Who You Are!

From YOU came the very SAVIOR
of the World!

You are BIG in God’s Eyes, indeed!

Oh, oh Woman of God
Know, know Woman of God
Who You Really Are!

Divinely Framed
Royally Named!

Not second-class
Not a coincidence!

You are here by
Divine Design!

And you are here
by Prophetic

Yes, you are here,
Divinely Framed Woman of God
and you are here
for such a time
as this!


* * * * *


Be Careful Not to Limit Yourself

Be Careful

Be careful not to limit yourself to the opinions of those who do not know you at all.  

Guard your heart and your mind … and your mouth!  For what you think within yourself … about yourself … becomes yourself!  As a man (or woman) thinketh, so is he (or she)!  Oh, yes, again I say, be careful, indeed.

Refuse to conform to the lies spoken over you, to you or about you.

And be determined to SPEAK ONLY what the Manufacturer of your Significant Life has said about Phenomenal, Unstoppable *YOU*!

Not The Time


Now is NOT the time to faint! 



It’s NOT the time to give up or give in.  My Father’s Beloved, now is NOT the time to question or doubt God’s Word!  Get Ready!  Stay Expectant!  Why?  For the Lord your God most assuredly is ABOUT TO CLOSE the gap on your experience and His personal promises over your life! 

Now is NOT the time to faint! 

Oh, my Brother, my Sister … NOW is the Time to Believe for INDEED there SHALL BE  … THERE SHALL BE … a PERFORMANCE of EVERY Divine WORD that THE LORD … Your FAITHFUL & OMNIPOTENT GOD … has spoken over *YOUR* life!

I’m a “Real Enough” Man of God!


I’m a REAL ENOUGH Man of God who is not too proud to pay tribute to my Sisters-in-Christ!  Honestly, where would we be, men of God, if it had not been for the women of God standing in the gap, praying us through and sacrificing, many times, their all just for us?  We owe them a great debt.  And we have to admit (or should admit) that we as men of God have not always done right by our beloved sisters.  But now we have an opportunity to “Man Up” and give them their just due.  Give them the respect and love they deserve.  And as for me, I’m joining the radical “Love Movement” that’s going on right now.  It’s a clarion call for the entire Body of Christ to come together and corporately celebrate, appreciate and honor all God’s daughters on a Special Day that has been created and named in their honor.  It’s Woman of God Day!

I admit that we should show this kind of love everyday, but it’s some kind of special to do it together corporately as the Family of God on a day set aside for the sole purpose of honoring the Woman of God.   And this special day always occurs annually on the 3rd Saturday in July.  The next celebration is July 19, 2014!

And I challenge all my Brothers-In-Christ, especially the Pastors and Bishops, to be Real Enough Men of God and get behind this Love-Movement by giving Woman of God Day a place of high honor annually in your congregations and conferences.


 Woman of God Day

July 19, 2014!

This Real Enough Man of God will be there!

Pastor Leemann J. Smith

Celebrating_My Beautiful Sisters





Settle It … Right Now … that you’re not
going to live your life in the minds of other people.

You don’t care what they say or the
rumors they spread.

You are who God says you are.

You can do what God
says you can do.

And you can possess
what Jesus died to give you!



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